Mr. William Welch

Mr. Welch is the craftsman that custom manufactures every ITV Growler top that we sell. He is a remarkable current day renaissance man but to put it in a nutshell, he has traveled pretty much to every country the world that has accepted US citizens, has run a long time wedding catering service with his wife Deb for many years, is a professional drone pilot and has been hired for continuous work for many global clients including the famous anti-whaling group "The Sea Shepard". Bill also has experience in welding, fiberglass work and other trade skills. He is a master on the sewing machine and is ruthless for perfection and detail. We are honored to partner with this gentleman going forward and please know that every top you receive is personally hand finished to the extent of a quality process that would rival Rolls Royce. 


Travis Nuttall, 

President & CEO